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Thanks to Biologogy and Neurobiology we now have way more explanations for addictive behaviors. I'll help you understand why you started compulsive eating and why it is so hard to stop. Through neurobiology, mindset and the science of habits, I'll give you all the tools you need to change your perception and detache yourself from your destructive behaviour.  

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Plant-Based Food 

Understanding human biology and the powerful effect that certain food can have on your brain and body will allow you to make the right food choices for your recovery.
You'll be able to finally free yourself from calorie counting and experience abundance without guilt.
Through your food choices, you'll be able to heal your body and nourish it in a vibrant way to experience fullness in a pleasant way and get your energy back.
Plant based doesn't mean 100% Vegan, nevertheless, I am advocating for at least 90% of plant based food in my program. 



Gut Microbiome

If you have been struggling with compulsive eating, chances are that you're gut microbiota (Microbes in your colon) lacks diversity.
We now know that microbes in our gut produce neuroactive compounds that influence your cravings (type of food and amount), your mood and your decision making. Recent studies have also shown that your gut health have a real impact on anxiety level, the way your body will metabolize food and your hormones production.
By healing your gut microbiome, we will rebalance your body's chimical functions, lower unhealthy cravings, heal food sensitivities and allow your metabolism to get back on track.  



Intuitive Movement

Through Yoga and Intuitive movement, you'll be able to reconnect with your body, we call it Proprioception.
Relearning how to play and explore movement in a non-stress-inducing way allows you to unlock traumas and release emotions stored in your muscles, facias, ligaments, and tendons. 


Specific Breathing techniques can be used to promote health in your body, lower stress, anxiety and increase awareness. Those same techniques are incredibly efficient to rewire your brain and suppress addictive patterns because it allows you to access your subconscious mind, see yourself in a different light and thus, connect with parts of yourself that have previously been inaccessible on a day-to-day basis. Through those techniques, you'll be able to work on your emotions and have a deeper understanding of what caused you used food as a coping mechanism. (There is much more to say about breathwork's benefits and you'll find more about it in my dedicated articles). 

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