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How I use Yoga for Eating Disorder

You probably already know it but Yoga is not only poses and "Oooommmmm" Stuff. There is a full philosophy behind, and Believe me, there is a lot of wisdom and common sens in it !

5 Main Principles of Yoga For Your Daily Life :

SATTVIC DIET: A yogic diet is mainly fresh fruits and vegetables and avoids consuming processed food, meat, eggs, fried foods, and alcohol. A Sattvic diet is a diet that avoids addictive food. It also promotes peace through mindful eating (by cultivating compassion and not creating suffering to yourself and others), which implies the restriction of meat specifically.

By Eating Real Food, you promote Health in your body and stay away from addictive food, which, obviously don't help in Binge eating Recovery while trying to make peace with food and eat mindfully without binging.

PRANAYAMA : Is the word for Breathwork in Sanskrit. Its the most powerful tool on the planet to balance your nervous system and to lower stress.

Its allows your "Human brain" to run the show instead of letting your primal brain take decisions for you.

ASMITA: Is to learn "how to detach yourself from your thoughts" and become aware of a thought that arises in your mind.

It help you understand that an Urge to binge or Impulse to binge is just a thought.

If it was you, your true self, you would not be able to observe this thought.

ASANA : Through Poses Yoga allows you to release emotions and trauma stored in your tissues. Bye Bye emotional eating which sometimes end up in a binge...

It also helps your overall health by helping your body function properly. It has an impact on your muscle, bones, joints, Gut and organs. It also helps rebalance your hormones.

AHIMSA : Is to be Compassionate toward yourself and the other.

It is basically the basis of self love and self acceptance, by honoring and cherishing your body you'll be able to feel good in your own shows again. And God (or at least you and me) knows how important it is for a sustainable recovery from Bulimia or Binge Eating.

In simple words, Yoga gives us a path to solve a lot of issues modern Society is facing nowadays... And Eating Disorders are part of it.

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