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How to Navigate Controversial Nutritional Information

If you are struggling with Binge Eating Disorder or Bulimia, you probably already tried to understand and analyze your eating behaviors and eating patterns.

And by doing so, you got submerged by so many different hypotheses, information, and so on...

"what should I eat ?"

"who should I Believe ?"

"Why am I binging"

"Why have I craving ?"

"Why do I crave unhealthy food?"

"Why do I binge more at night?"

And the list goes on...

When I had Bulimia / Binge Eating / Compulsive Eating I remember feeling completely lost.

I didn't know who to believe.

So here it is. As a nutritionist, I'll give you a few tips so you can feel empowered.

This is how I do to find the truth ;)

1. Going to the Source

Beware of getting fooled by a dramatic headline. Reading the substance of the story and, if necessary, check out the actual study.

2. Asking Who’s Behind It

Many food companies are initiating, funding, and writing up the studies that make their products look good. A shocking percentage of studies published in leading medical journals are commercially funded. Always check where the money came from to fund the research ;)

3. Considering How Well It Is Designed

Study design matters and journalists regularly fall for this kind of thing, especially if it allows them to write a surprising or “shocking” headline. Science is facts... and should not look like the title of an action movie ;)

4. Looking for Backup

Single studies must be looked at in light of larger trends and should corroborating with others.

5. Finding Trusted Sources

It is more than important to rely on trusted sources to give us the straight scoop. Here are some of the ones I trust.

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