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Get a Personalized Yoga Routine Practice (read de description ;) )

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 50 US dollars

Service Description

! YOU ONLY NEED 1 SESSION with me ! To book Click on "CONTACT ME " You disconnected from your body because of Bulimia or BED ? You want to "Reconnect with your body" but don't know where to start ? I'm here to help. The more you’ll reconnect with your body, the more you’ll allow your body to let go of trapped emotions stored in your body tissues. In the past, it probably stored for you all the things you didn’t want / were not ready to face. With time, it might have been overloaded and you can now feel that something is wrong. Well, here is the cool things, Yoga can do the job without you having to face anything. During our session you might feel those trapped emotions (energy blocages, tightness..) being released. Nevertheless, it is not going to be hard because those past emotions and trauma that where stored in your body are not emotions anymore. They were stored in a form of energy. Meaning that this energy is not related to anything anymore, its just trapped energy. With yoga, we are doing everything very gently. So this energy can get unstuck without overwhelming you. WHY YOU ONLY NEED 1 SESSION with me ? According to what we will talk about - try - experience - feel together during our 1:1 Yoga practice, I'll have a better understanding of your need and what can be beneficial for you. It will allow me to design the perfect "Yoga routine" for you that I'll create and send you through PDF so you can practice it on your own, at your own pace, in your comfort zone to make the energy - emotion release easier. >>>> If you feel you need an even deeper approach to emotional release, you can book a Breathwork session with me too :)

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